Customer Analytics


An accelerator that employs Statistic models and Machine learning algorithms in analyzing data from internal data sources with external or third party data to identify customers similar to your good customers.


An environment-friendly customer loyalty service offering of TechVantage. Any Management planning to boost sales or increase customer footfall they can onboard their customers into their customized Loyalty Program within a matter of a few minutes!!


An accelerator that arrives at a quantitative way to understand their customers to take important decisions about customer acquisition, customer retention, product design and sales strategy.


A predictive churn model gives you awareness and quantifiable metrics to fight against/with your retention efforts. Ability to identify the pattern habits of customers who leave, and step in before they make that decision.


Accept an image with one or more human faces, detect the faces and also predict their emotion and other key attributes. Using live CCTV feed or pictures and make predictions that are most relevant for your business.


Assigns credit scores to an individual after analyzing multiple touchpoints. Also, generate a credit-rating even in cases when the individual does not have bureau data.

Credit Scoring