India's first AgTech product: Artificial Intelligence based Facial Recognition of cattle and Ear Tag Identification for the Livestock Identification System


Moo ID is an AI-based platform for the Livestock Identification system and has applications in Cattle Insurance in reducing claims leakage. It has the unique Machine learning based Predictive Analytics technique using the Face Recognition Technology to the unique Identification of cows.

This system helps to add the cattle to the Database and retrieve the cattle using the unique Identification and Ear tag identification system. In case of Cattle Insurance, Moo-ID Mobile app captures the images of the cow in different angles at the time of insurance, upload to cloud and use it for verification at the time of Claim submission. A simple, easy to use mobile app that

  • Lets users register cattle against their Aadhar id
  • Allows entry of information about the owner and the cattle
  • Provides the facility to take photographs of the cow and stores it to the cloud
  • Provides a function to compare it later to verify the cow’s Identity

To track the behavior, eating patterns, and overall health of livestock, contact us to build & Customize the AI based Moo-ID application.

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